Threshold Ministries Inc. is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is hard at work helping to break the cycle of poverty in Linjiang, China. 

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."

                                                                                                        Isaiah 43:19


At Threshold we demonstrate the love of the Lord by following the mandate to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 19:19b). These neighbors live in Linjiang, China, the place where we are called to serve. We feed, clothe, and provide education for hundreds of homeless, abused and abandoned children. Additionally, we provide emergency care and unconditional love for them and their families. 

In this area of China, farmers and miners still make up the majority of the workforce. However, many of the miners have been laid off in the last few years due to cutbacks. The income of many of these children's families is less than one dollar per day. The neighboring villages have unemployment rates as high as 80%. Due to the physical nature of the work if a parent gets sick, or is injured it is highly likely they won't be able to work. In some cases children are dependent on elderly grandparents to provide for their needs. Many school-aged children are not attending school because their unemployed and / or sick parents or grandparents can't afford their tuition fees. School fees, though affordable for many, are simply out of reach for the poor families of Linjiang.


What makes matters worse, is that temperatures often dip below zero throughout the winter months. Families are often left with the difficult choice whether to buy food or firewood. So many people living here suffer greatly.


Sponsorship brings hope. The Threshold staff in China travels to towns and outlying villages to evaluate the needs of children. We respond immediately to alerts by teachers, the local welfare department, neighbors and friends when they believe a child is in need of help. Sometimes a child is in such a dire situation and their need is so great that we offer the family to bring their child to come to live at our orphanage, TMI Hope House for Children. However, on most occasions, we interview the child and their family and find that the child qualifies to be a part of our Outreach Sponsorship Program. The children in this program live with their parents or guardians. Once in the program, they are carefully watched by our team of highly experienced workers for any signs of neglect. 


Sponsorship brings great blessings to both the child and their family. On a quarterly basis we deliver supplemental food (55 lbs rice, 55 lbs flour, 1.5 gallons of cooking oil). In addition we alternate monthly deliveries of seasonal clothing & shoes, school tuition fees, school supplies, & daily necessity collections (bed linens & blankets, personal hygiene & home cleaning products, holiday appropriate foods & gifts). On occasion the deliveries vary…apples or baby chicks, eggs, moon cakes.  We try to make life fun again! Interested in sponsoring a child living at our orphanage or in our Outreach Sponsorship Program? CLICK HERE to learn how you can help a child in need and truly make a difference in their life!






Outreach Sponsorship Program​

Through the provision given by our beloved sponsors and benefactors we are able to do the work of feeding, clothing, providing education, emergency care, and taking in homeless, abused and abandoned, children. After evaluating the children's needs, our staff carefully determines how best the ministry can help the child. Most children remain at home with their parents or guardians and benefit from the care that TMI provides through our Outreach Sponsorship Program. Others are given the opportunity of coming to live at our orphanage, TMI Hope House for Children.

"Hope House"

Hope House is a beautiful 22,000 square foot orphanage that is filling up with children of all ages. They are being loved and cared for by our faith-filled and devoted caregivers. They have new clothes, a warm bed of their own with teddy bear and quilt, a music room, toys, study room, computer lab, good and healthy food, a clean and lovely environment. 

How You Can Help

The children on our waiting list need sponsors quickly. We have children of elementary school age through college age who desperately need to be sponsored to be provided with basic needs such as food and clothing. In addition, unlike the United States, public education in China is not free. In order to break the cycle of poverty, our children need support to pay tuition in order to attend school. CLICK HERE to see a list of children who need your help.


Additionally, we have ongoing Admin and Maintenance costs, as well as occasional "surprise" repair need. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.




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